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DeKalb, Illinois

September 8, 2017

Billy Adams (from left), Donovan James, Cliff Golden, Austin Petrie and Payton Chesser are shown on Boy Scout Troop 33's trip to Washington, D.C. Not pictured is Travis Hughes.

Boy Scout Troop 33
tours Washington

Boy Scouts from Troop 33 in DeKalb enjoyed several trips this summer. A major trip from early summer combined Washington, D.C., and the Atlantic Ocean. It was called the East Coast Adventure.

Washington, D.C., included a variety of museums and monuments to explore. Within their limited time, they visited multiple sites. The Washington National Cathedral was built in the Gothic style, atop Mount Saint Alban. Its three towers rise to 676 feet. Visible for miles, the Scouts saw it up close.

The Museum of Natural History is the size of 18 football fields. Thousands of exhibits challenged their imagination. Around every corner was something new and exciting. The Museum of American History brought them into Americaís heritage. There was the original flag known as the Star-Spangled Banner and a copy of the Gettysburg Address. So many things were fun and educational.

At the National Archives, they saw the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. So many other great displays filled its exhibit halls.

The Scoutsí favorite visit was to the National Air and Space Museum. From the Wright brothers to Apollo 11, aviation was everywhere. With aircraft and spacecraft suspended above them, it was an incredible way to be surrounded by history.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum was a solemn place. Visiting the museum was a journey. Exhibits told stories.

Scouts passed by the Washington Monument numerous times and saw the Jefferson Memorial from different angles. The Lincoln Memorial is a testament to our nationís history. Lincolnís statue, the reflecting pond, the Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol in the distance presented powerful images.

Scouts visited the office of U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger and rode the underground train to the U.S. Capitol building for a guided tour by his staff. Looking up inside the Capitol dome was a highlight experience.

Union Station was a fantastic place with inexpensive restaurants. Visiting the U.S. Department of Agriculture also provided foods, everything fresh, delicious and affordable. Riding on the bus system and Metro gave them a sense of city life. Limited time prevented them from seeing everything.

Driving to the Atlantic Ocean took them to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Overcast, hot and humid, a sand beach with gentle waves provided a cool and refreshing escape from the heat.

The day ended with a severe thunderstorm. Scouts took refuge in the shops and eateries along the townís boardwalk.

Camping at Delaware Shores State Park, the storm left their campsite slightly underwater. Dry sleeping options were in the van or on a picnic table. Both options worked.

Bright and sunny the next day, beach life was as intended. Scouts enjoyed a crowded but beautiful beach, cool ocean waves, boardwalk shops and a little sunburn.

Troop 33ís East Coast Adventure was a summer mix of adventure; exploring world class museums and the Atlantic Ocean with all its wonder and power.

Boy Scout troops serve ages 11 to 17. First Lutheran Church in DeKalb has sponsored Boy Scout Troop 33 since 1925, providing education, adventure and fun to hundreds of area boys over the years. Visit them at http://troop33dekalb.net.

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