The following recipe is from a Scouts-L post from "Auntie Bean" in Massachusetts.

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:36:34 EDT
From: WAHowland@AOL.COM
Subject: First Aid training

My favorite blood recipe:

Karo syrup, 1 cup
few drops red food coloring
small squirt of Hershey's chocolate syrup (for opacity and realistic color)
I store this in a small plastic bottle with a flip--up squirt nozzle for ease
in application. You'd be amazed how far 1 cup will go-- mine is about four
years old (and hasn't gotten scuzzy, either). The bottle is labeled prominently
"Blood," and for fun I bring it to dessert and offer it as an ice cream topping.

This is realistic enough that when I annoint an entire patrol just above the
hairline on one temple, mothers feel faint when they come into the parking
lot. The kids love it.

For wounds, go to the MallWart and get some cheap lipsticks (call them "wound
sticks" if you mention them to the boys) in dark brown, purple, dark red,
grey-white, and black. You can dribble "blood" out of the centers to make
pretty good looking wounds. The lipsticks last forever too. If you want to get
really fancy, get your local FD or hospital to donate small expired plastic IV
bags and tubing, and you can make a good arterial pumping wound with the bag
rhythmically squeezed in the armpit and the tubing snaking down the sleeve. This
is a lot messier and requires thinner "blood."

For burns, take some wood ashes and mix with some Elmer's-or-equivalent white
glue, spread thinly in the center of a nasty-looking red/brown/purple
splotch. I got some cheap jackets at the Goodwill, scorched holes in
the sleeves, and applied the "burns" under the holes. The "rescuers" had to find them.

have a ball


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