To: Scoutmasters and 2nd Year Webelos Leaders,

This year's theme for the Fall Camporee is "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE". Baden-Powell described Scouting as "a game with a purpose". It is in that spirit that we offer this year's fall camporee.

This fall we are trying something new, the entire camporee program will be conducted in the dark of night. The theme "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" is designed to appeal to the sense of fun, adventure, and imagination so active in Scouts and Webelos.

The camporee will be held September 27-28, 1997 at the 500 acre Three Fires Scout Ranch located northwest of Rochelle, Illinois. Units should arrive by Saturday afternoon to register, set up camp, and prepare their dinner meal. The program will begin at 7:00pm. We will use the entire 500 acres, so come prepared to do some hiking.

During the camporee, Three Fires Scout Ranch will be swarming with young "secret agents" (Scouts/Webelos) doing their best to accomplish several fun but challenging "Night Missions". Each Webelos den should be accompanied by an advisor/observer (adult furnished by their unit). For Scout Patrols, it is up to the descretion of each unit.

Scout Patrols and Webelos Dens will be given secret orders that will direct them to their first night mission (event). They will be directed to a total of 11 Night Missions (including midnight meal). After each completed night mission, they will be given sealed orders directing them to their next mission.

The 11 Night Missions include:

--- Laser Gauntlet --- Blind Escape --- Stealth Hike --- Espionage Adventure ---
--- Star Trek --- Jaws of Death --- Solo Encounter ---
--- Secret Stranger --- Enemy Encampment --- Agent Rescue --- Mystery Mission ---

Events will conclude by 1:30am. All Scouts/Webelos should be in their campsites and quiet by 2:00am.

Please read the enclosed materials carefully. Cost per participant is $7, which includes registration, patch, and meal. Visit our MISSION IMPOSSIBLE website on the internet at "http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/9857/mission1.htm"

See you on the 27th,

Cliff Golden
Camporee Chairman


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