The following is a brief description of the 11 night missions (whose successful completion is so crucial to the survival of mankind). You will get written sealed orders upon completion of each mission to guide you to the next mission. The missions below are listed in random order. Read these decsriptions very carefully. A lot is riding on the outcome.

LASER GAUNTLET Click for more details
Patrols take turns being the invaders and defenders. Defenders choose two people from their patrol who are then blindfolded and stand with lasers(flashlights) ready for action. Invaders must approach quietly, they are not allowed to run. If they make noise and are "flashed" with a laser, they're dead and must sit down. Defenders win by killing off all invaders. Invaders win if they can tag defenders without being killed. There is a time limit for each round.
BLIND ESCAPE Click for more details
An explosive device goes off blinding everyone except one person, he can see but is paralyzed and can't move. He must guide his fellow agents by voice through a dangerous series of obstacles to rescue him and escape to safety. Teamwork and cooperation is your only hope for survival.
STEALTH HIKE Click for more details
The group must traverse a route from Point A to Point B without being seen or heard. Enemy agents are on patrol, and have been warned of potential invaders. They will be looking for you.
ESPIONAGE ADVENTURE Click for more details
You must recover an item of secret information. It is stored in a container in a distant location. You will follow directions that will take you to the container. When you arrive you find several booby trapped decoy containers near it. Which is the right one? If you carefully follow the clues, you will choose wisely. If you choose the wrong container, it could be a tragic end.
STAR TREK Click for more details
Learn about the heavens and how to find your way at night using the stars, then trek across an open expanse under a luminous star filled sky.
JAWS OF DEATH Click for more details
You will exercise your jaws on a buffet of sausages, cheese, crackers, cookies, veggies, cold cut sandwiches, soup, pizza nuggets & sauce, lemonade, and hot beverages.
SOLO ENCOUNTER Click for more details
A serious discussion about the spirit of Scouting, followed by a question for you to ponder, and then time completely alone under the stars for some personal reflection.
SECRET STRANGER Click for more details
Somewhere along the trail you will be approached by a stranger. Is he a friend or an emeny? Does he speak the truth or falsehoods? What does he want from you? Do you dare trust him?
ENEMY ENCAMPMENT Click for more details
You must evaluate the strength of an enemy encampment and make a map of the location. You cannot be seen or heard in your attempt. The future of western civilization depends on your successful completion of this mission.
AGENT RESCUE Click for more details
An agent has been hit. You will be given instructions for finding him. Treat his wounds, then evacuate him to safety. The trouble is, enemy agents are looking for him too. Who will find him first?
MYSTERY MISSION Click for more details
Sorry, this is a complete mystery. No one knows what the mission is (not even the president). It will remain a mystery until moments before you begin. (National security you know) It's big! It's vitally important! Be prepared for anything!

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