Mission Details


This was named Mystery Mission because we didn't know what it was going to be.

My original hope was to create an interactive event using a computer linked to the internet or another computer close by where the patrol could interact with someone off site. That person would give them instructions that they would have to carry out. A Scout or two stationed at the computer would relay information to the rest of the patrol that completed the event from out in the field. Due to lack of time and equipment restraints we couldn't offer this event.

INSTEAD we offered another program as Mystery Mission. This involves a cabin used as a counterfitting operation. The Scouts must keep the counterfitter busy in one room while the other Scouts gather evidence from one of the other rooms.


  • Play Money (we used money gift wrap, sheets of $100 bills)
  • Camera with flash attachmenet
  • Anything that can look lik copy equipment as a prop

    This takes place in a cabin with several rooms which is used as a "counterfitting operation".


    The patrol is met outside the cabin and briefed on the event and is given instructions.

    The cabin has several rooms which is used as a counterfitting operation. The Scouts must make contact with the counterfitter and keep him busy in one room while the other Scouts gather evidence from one of the other rooms. The must maneuver him in to different rooms while they search for and gather evidence.

    In order to gain entrance they must come up with a cover story. ie their car broke down, they're lost, they're census takers, they're selling popcorn, they're with the state lottery, etc.

    To gather evidence, they must take the camera (no film, just flash) and photograph the entire operation while other patrol members keep the counterfitter busy. They also need to copy down a code hidden on a piece of quipment that they must locate.

    Once they have gathered their evidence they take it out to the staff member they met earlier outside.

    10 points is perfect. Five points are given for finding the evidence. An additional five points may be given based how well the group worked together and how original their cover story was and how well they managed to keep the counterfitter busy and distracted.

    STAFF ACTIONS The first staff member gives them the instructions and explains the event.

    The other staff member plays the role of the counterfitter. How well he plays his role will determine the success of the event. If you have someone who can talk rough, act suspiscious and nervous, and think on his feet, he will do well in this role. Our guy was great.


  • inexpensive camera with flash

    The events go fast and there is little time.

    Record the scores and send them to the next event at the prescribed time or cue.

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE requires approximately 30 staff members.

    Events will conclude by 1:30am. Patrol Leaders will turn in their Patrol's computer disk before returning to their campsite. All Scouts/Webelos should be in their campsites and quiet by 2:00am.


    Patrols will be given a computer disk. Scores will be written in a square on the disk. Each event will grade on a possible total of 10 points.

    Each event will have a 2 letter code. For the score, write the two letter code, followed by a score from 0 to 10.

    For example: SH9

    that would mean 9 points from Stealth Hike.


  • Laser Gauntlet (LG)
  • Blind Escape (BE)
  • Stealth Hike (SH)
  • Espionage Adventure (EA)
  • Star Trek (ST)
  • Jaws of Death (JD)
  • Solo Encounter (SE)
  • Secret Stranger (SS)
  • Enemy Encampment (EE)
  • Agent Rescue (AR)
  • Mystery Mission (MM)